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CAMA Face Identification Technology and Solutions


CAMA Face Identification Technology and Solutions

Published: 2015.10.12

With world class patented biometric identification technology and strong R&D capacity, CAMA Biometrics has successfully developed its face identification algorithm featuring highest identifying accuracy and fastest identifying speed in the industry.

CAMA Biometrics has integrated the key technology of face identification into a small-size module to ensure its widely applications. The face identification module has converted the international advanced face identification theory into real applied products, which can achieve face detection/collection, face feature extraction, face database management and face recognition functions. We use plenty of advanced machine learning algorithms such as topological comparison, artificial neural nets, light balance processing, deep learning, etc. With such unique features, users no need to pose in several special ways for face collection. We have tried our best to make the process of collecting faces be easy as the user looks into the mirror.  

CAMA Biometrics not only can provide some finished products such as face identification access control & time recording system, automatic punch machine using face identification, face identification password lock and etc, but also can provide the small-size face identification module with different communication ports. We have obtained several patents for face identification technology and we are aiming to provide users with the safest, easiest and best service.