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CAMABIO Launches All-In-One Super Slim Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Module CRM160L


Recently CAMABIO launched a new all-in-one super slim capacitive fingerprint sensor module CRM160L. 

It is specially designed for small user capacity product applications like digital door locks, safe box, drawer locker,car starter,etc.  With 7.6mm thickness and 19mm diameter, it can makes your product elegant and super slim. 

Except the super slim features, CRM160L also gots following features 
           #  128 fingerprints capacity 
           #  360 degree identification
           #  Live scan function ( identify fake finger)
           #  Auto-learning function
           #  Fast identification speed 
           #  Support 1:1: and 1:N verification 
           #  FAR<0.001% FAR<0.1% 
           #  Cost Effective 

If you woud like to get more details of this fingerprint sensor module, please check here