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CAMA-FVM2201P Finger Vein Recognition Sensor Module


Model No: CAMA-FVM2201P
Product Name: Finger Vein Recognition Sensor Module
Sensor Type: CMOS Sensor+Infrared Sensor
User Capacity: 500 Users
Communication Interface: USB and UART
System support: Embedded; Windows, Linux, Android

Product details

CAMA-FVM2201P Finger Vein Recognition Sensor Module

CAMA-FVM2201P finger vein recognition sensor module is new gerneration OEM finger vein recognition module developed by CAMA Biometrics.  It Integrated optical sensor,MCU, finger vein algorithm,flash memory all together. It can suit for variety of embedded and server authentication applications.

Product Features 
  # 500 Finger Vein User Capacity
  # SDK for embedded and server authentication
  # Auto-Learning Function
  # Support Touch Sensing Activation
  # Support Both USB and UART Interface
  # Breathing LED light

Product Specifications

Sensor Type
CMOS Sensor + Infrared Sensor
Product Size
48mm x 40mm x 29mm
MCU Parameters
144 MHZ 32 bit RISC High Capability DSP Proccessor
Auto-Learning Function
Fingerprint Template
1K Bytes
Communication Interface
<0.01% (Highest Security Level)
FAR <0.001% (Highest Security Level)
Identification Speed
1:1<0.5s  1:N<1s
Finger Vein Capacity
500 Finger Vein User Capacity
Touch Sensing Activation (Auto-on)
Module Will Be Actived Once Finger Vein Detected
Current Parameters
Work Mode <250mA 
Standby Mode<27mA
Sleep Mode<5uA

Power Supply 
Breathing LED Light
Support Offline Breathing(SOC Sleep Mode)
Work Environment
Work Humidity: 20% to 80%
Work Temperature: -20℃ to 60℃

Security Level
Normal; High; Highest
Communication Parameters
Parity=None  One Stop Bit=1
Flow Control=None
Baud Brate: 9600,19200,38400,57600,115200
Default Baud Rate: 57600bps