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CAMA-SM25 OEM Optical Fingerprint Module


Product Name
CAMA-SM25 OEM Optical Fingerprint Module
Fingerprint Image
500 DPI
Fingerprint Capture Area 18mm x22mm
Fingerprint Capacity 3,000
Fingerprint Template 496 Bytes
Support Interface 3.3V TTL UART
Verification Method
1:1 and 1:N

Product details

What is CAMA-SM25 OEM Optical Fingerprint Module?

CAMA-SM25 is an embedded OEM optical fingerprint module for secondary development which has integrated fingerprint sensor and processor chip together. It has many outstanding features like auto-learning,360 degree verification,touch sense activation etc. It is one of best OEM optical fingerprint module developed by CAMA Biometrics.  And It is a high accuracy OEM optical fingerprint module which can be widely used for time attendance, access control,door lock,etc

Product Features

   # 3000 fingerprints capacity

   # 360 degree identification

   # Auto-learning function

   # Touch sense activation

   # Fast identification speed

   # Support 1:1: and 1:N verification

   # FAR<0.001% FAR<0.1%

   # Anti-scratch prism

Product Specifications

Item Description
Product Name CAMA-SM25 OEM Optical Fingerprint Module
Fingerprint Sensor CAMA optical fingerprint sensor
Fingerprint Scan Area 18mm x 22mm
Fingerprint Image 242 pixel x 266 pixel
Fingerprint Image Resolution 500 DPI
Fingerprint Template 496 bytes
Communication Interface  UART (3.3V)
FRR <0.1%
FAR <0.001%
Identification Speed 1:1<0.5s; 1:N(2000 fingerprints) <0.9s
Fingerprint Capacity 3000 Fingerprints 
Work current < 150mA
Standby current < 20μA
Power supply DC 3.3V
Working temperature -20℃- 60℃
Working humidity 20%-80%
Product Size

Interface Details 


Pin No.

Signal Name

Signal Description


Touch Power

Touch   sense function need to supply power separately. Power: DC3.3V±0.1V, Current:   1.5uA to 2.5uA


Finger Detect

Output high level   when detected finger, and output low level once finger left



Module transmit   output, 3.3V TTL logic



Module receive   input, 3.3V TTL logic






DC input, range of   Voltage is 3.3V ± 10%


FP Reset

Reset at low level   (reset time>100ms), Work at high level. After Reset, it will cost about   350-400ms for system initializing and programs loading; Only after that the   module can communicate with MCU by UART.

Technical Support

To support you electronic engineers to do developing works, CAMABIO will provide you following materials after you bought the product 


  1. User Manual of CAMA-SM25 ( Command Protocols Included)

  2. DEMO Software For Testing Purpose 

  3. Sample Code For Micro controller Unit 


If you have any technical questions before you buy CAMA-SM25 fingerprint module, you can contact cama@szcama.com for support.

Applications of CAMA-SM25 OEM fingerprint module

CAMA-SM25 OEM optical fingerprint module can be widely used for following products


1. Fingerprint door lock system

2. Biometric access control system

3. Biometric time attendance system

4. Fingerprint car starter

5. Fingerprint safe box lock

6. Fingerprint car fleet management system

FAQs About CAMA-SM25 OEM Fingerprint Module

1. Does the SM25 support Windows, Android or Linux system?
    Answer:  Yes, SM25 optical fingerprint module can work with these operating system.  Actually SM2510K optical fingerprint module is an OEM embedded optical fingerprint module, it can work with any operating system based on our command protocol.

2. Does the SM25 support read and write fingerprint template ?
    Answer:  Yes, SM25 optical fingerprint module support read and wrtie fingerprint template . If you need, you can use Read Template Command to extract the fingerprint templates from SM25 module and use Write Template Command to write the fingerprint templates into SM25 module from other place. 

3. Does the SM25's template data compatible with other manufacturer's fingerprint template data?
    Answer: No.  SM25 optical fingerprint module only support CAMABIO fingerprint template format, it does not compatible with other manufacturer's fingerprint template format.  

4. What should we do if we need more than 3,000 fingerprint users ?
    Answer:  We suggest you to build a server system by our CAMA-2000 Desktop USB fingerprint scanner and store the fingerprint templates on the server.  And the terminal device with SM25 only for capturing fingerprint and transfer the fingerprint template to server to do verification and then return the result to terminal device. 

5. Does the SM25 optical fingerprint sensor module can work with Arduino development kit?
  Answer: Yes, the SM15 optical fingerprint sensor module can work with Arduino board.

6. Can you provide library SDK for Arduino?
Answer: Yes, we can provide a simple SDK for Arduino UNO development kit

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