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CAMA-SM27 ISO 19794-2/19794-4 Embedded Optical Fingerprint Reader Sensor


Model: SM27 

Capture Mode: Plain live scan capture

Image Evaluation Frame Rate: > 3 frames /sec, continuous image capture

Pixel Matrix: 256 * 360pixels 

Resolution: 500dpi

Grey Scale/ Image Type: 8bit, 256 levels

Interface: USB2.0, Full speed

Capture Area: 18 * 22mm

Product details

CAMA -SM27 CAMA-SM27 ISO 19794-2/19794-4 Embedded Optical Fingerprint Reader Sensor

CAMA-SM27 embedded optical fingerprint reader sensor is an ideal OEM fingerprint reader module designed for biometric security solution developer and manufacturers for integration with various applications such as access control system,time attendance,mobile device,safe box,door lock and so on.


Powered by world best, multi-award winning CAMA fingerprint algorithm, CAMA-SM27  embedded optical fingerprint reader sensor offers powerful identification performance .

Product Features 
   # High Quality CAMA Fingerprint Sensor (256 pixel x 360 pixel )
   # Avoid Residual Fingerprint be identified
   # 500 DPI Fingerprint Image resolution
   # Compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 (full speed)
   # Support Windows and Android Developing
   # Support ISO/IEC 19794–2:2005
   # Support ISO/IEC 19794–4:2005
   # Support WSQ
   # Support NIST Fingerprint Image Quality

Product Specifications



Fingerprint   Sensor

CAMA   Optical Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint   Scan Area

18mm   x 22mm

Fingerprint Image

256   pixel x 360 pixel

Fingerprint Image   Resolution


Grey   Scale/ Image Type

8bit,   256 levels

Effective   Capture Area

13mm   * 18.3mm


USB1.0/   USB1.1/USB2.0, Full Speed






Through   USB: 5V±5%

Dimension   (W * H * D)

42   * 54 * 21mm



Working   Temperature

-20℃ -   60℃

Working   Humidity

10%   - 90%


IP65   (Scan area only)

Technical Support 

To support you electronic engineers to do developing works, CAMABIO will provide you following materials after you bought the product 

1. API Manual of CAMA-SM27 ( Command Protocols Included)

2. DEMO Software For Testing Purpose

3. Image Quality Test Tools  

If you have any technical questions before you buy CAMA-SM27 embedded optical fingerprint reader sensor, you can contact cama@szcama.com for support.

Where you can use this product ?
CAMA-SM27 embedded optical fingerprint reader sensor can be embedded into following products 

1. Government Time attendance device 

2. POS Terminals 

3. Identity Certification Device for Voters

4. Other Applications which is using ISO fingerprint format

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